Money Week

This week we are taking part in lessons and class discussions about money, its value, how it is spent and how we should appreciate what we have. Today was our first lesson we had a class discussion to understand what money is and its use.

What is money?

Wiktor:It is made out of metal and paper

Joe:We use money to buy things

Why do we need money?

Amelia:To buy things

Leah:If you didn’t have money you would starve

What did we use before money existed?

Jake:We would trade things


Oleigh:Make things

Komal:Find things

Is cash the only way to pay for things we buy?



Ozan:Debit cards

Oleigh:Credit cards

Where do you get your money from?

Rhys:Bank accounts


Bartosz:Your boss

Where do you keep your money?

Heather:piggy bank

Charlie:Money box




We also talked about different currencies and if spending money was a bad thing, we decided that spending money is a good thing as it is necessary but that you should take care of what you spend and budget your spending



England are out!

After losing to Italy and then to Uruguay, England has disappointed so many of their supporters in the World Cup. Then they drew with Costa Rica. What do you think to England’s defeat? Do you think they deserved to win any matches? Did you see any football players who you thought played really well?

Iron man 100 word challenge

The Iron man is enjoying his day he’s had a lazy kind of day rooting through lots of lovely bolts, nuts and lots more pieces of lovely scrap. He found himself an excellent,metal cup,fork and a plate someone who was a keen camper threw it to him. With the sun out and no risk of rain he’s loving his metal picnic table and chair. Perfect day for a picnic.