4 thoughts on “World Book Day!

  1. For world book day I am going to come as a footballer. My favourite book is called Dennis and gnasher because its funny. Dennis is a naughty school boy and gnasher is his pet dog. They both play tricks on people with his friends help. Dennis and his friends hate school.

  2. For world book day I am dressing up as red riding hood and my fravrat book is a book that is called grag. He is a bad boy and he always has good tricks and he gets wet because another boy that hates grag splat on grag. One day grag gets bob and bob gets splatted and bob has whet claws.

  3. For world book day I am going to come dressed as sponge bob square pants. There are lots of sponge bob books and magazines. He also has a cartoon on the television.
    Sponge bob lives in a pineapple under the sea. his besdfrend is patrick

  4. My favoute book to read is the The Twits because it is relly funny and silly. Mrs Twit has got a stick and she kidnapped all cid in the wold. Mr twit eats worms.

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