World Book Day!

We are celebrating World Book Day at school today. Lots of us have come dressed as different book characters and have brought in our favourite books.

Have a look at our slideshow to see some of our costumes, and read our comments to see what we have been doing.

11 thoughts on “World Book Day!

  1. Today, it is world book day. We are drest up as Lord Vader and little John,iron man.Later on, we went to each class and read a book. We took a brillint pitcure.Zak brought a book called were is Zak and you have to find Zak and other stuff like choclates.some one drest up as sonic and he won a special prize. Some one drest up as Mary popins and came second.It was a amazing day.

  2. We are dressed as robin hood and spider man our faviroute books are kings and dragons and wheres wally because i like finding things and i like expression we went to listen to a teacher in a class read us two went to listen to the adventures of izzy the dog it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!! though mrs bartlet read it on a blog. At reading we read are books we brung in mine was cool one of my friend was dressed up as little john from the same book as me!

  3. Today, it was world book day and Charlie and me Komal were dressed up as school girls and me Komal and Charlie loved the books and today we went to Miss Bartlett’s class to listen to a story of Izzy the chocolate labredor dog.
    Today we had lots of people were dresseed up as book characters. Today it was an amazing day and we had tuns of fun. Later Y3 had there picture done for there class cause they didn’t change for weeks and weeks and weeks.
    Lots of people came dressed up as Horried Henery, Batman, Spiderman, Princesses, Robin Hood, Were’s Wolly, Foot Baller’s.

  4. Today it is world book day

    Today I was Captain Underpants and Rhys is man bat and my book is Lego Batman. And my book is captain underpants. We went in class 6 and the teacher read the adventures of Izzy the dog.

  5. Today it is world book day I went to a class to read a book the book was called room on the broom. The teacher that read it was called Miss Boot. It was existing and the book was about a witch on a broom.

  6. Today it is would book day We dresup as a book character and we drest up as a foot boal and I drest up as Horrid Henry.I went to class 6 and we read a story called. Izzy the dog and then we read are books that we brought in are books of Lego ninjago.

  7. Today is world book day. I have come dressed as prinsess peech.
    I have come as Catwoman.
    Wold book day is all about people dressing up as characters from a book to raise money for children to get better who are in the hospital.
    I am a snow queen.

  8. Today it is world book day Alfie is dressed up as Horrid Henry becouse it is his favret book.Oleigh is dressed up as a random jolly foot ballrer Oleigh brought a foot ball book in I LOVE foot ball.We went to ofer classers and heard different story’s.
    We got our photo taken.
    We went to a really good assembly two people win a prise becouse of there costumes.

  9. HOARAY!!!!! Today is world book day,we hade the chance to go to different classes and have stories read to us.We are dressed up are favourite booh characters brung our favourite books too. Evie is dressed as Winnie the wich an Eleanor is dressed as the Wicked wich of the west of off wizard of oz.WE RELLY LOVE WORLD BOOK DAY!!!!!!!!!! And books.It is VERY fun on world book day. AWSOM!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Today it it was world BOOK DAY! world book day is when evry body comes dressed up as there favrot character from a book.
    Today Julia came as a princess, and Sydney came as Hermione from Harry Potter. I have got a book by David Walliams.

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