10 thoughts on “Down in the jungle…

  1. Down in the the jungle, where all the wild animals live, snakes and lions run and slither across the jungle’s river. They are waiting for their prey to appear. I can hear lions roar and parrots sing loud and make lots of noise .

    The branches are falling and making bang noises once they fall.

  2. Down in the jungle there are massive trees with scaly snakes and animals. Long thin rivers run throw rocks and trees.Parats,wich are multicoloured,can fly

  3. Down in the jungle all the fierce wild animals lived. The king ruled the forest. Tarzan lived in a tree house. The trees had beautiful apples on the brown trees. Cheetahs, who spirit,have long legs. Parrots sing lovely in shining sun.slowly, the anteaters search for there prey. Cars go through redwood trees that they are that giant.

  4. Down in the jungle you hear the trees swooshing around and the peas full water fall with lots of different types of animals big small fat of thin you name them there all here in the jungle. Leafs, there are lotsof leafs in the jungle that animals make there bed with.

  5. Down in the jungle,were all animals live, snakes and lions walk and slither over the jungel’s great big river. I can hear parrots singing right thogh my ear

  6. Down in the jungle, where wild animals live,there are baby animals and big animals.They build habitats made out of leaves or stickes or bamboo stickes. There are also long long clean rivers so the animals can have a drink. There are leaves and creatures so that the animals can eat for others they mostly either eat other animals or fish. If you were a fish you would still be gathering food for the winter so you know that you will have enough food

  7. Down in the jungle there are trees swishing around. There are vines all around. There is one slithering, slimy and slippery snake climbing up to the top of a tree. There are things that you can climb.

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