Tropical Butterfly House

On Friday we visited the Tropical Butterfly House, in North Anston. Read our comments to find out what we did, and what our favourite parts were!


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  1. On Friday we went to the tropical butterfly house, when we got there we went into a music room and that is where we put are bags.Then we went to explore the animal huts Elizabeths favourite animal was the peacock because it had beautiful tail feathers.Sydneys favourite animal was a chipmunk because they were cute.

  2. Today we went to the butterfly house and saw some animals and then we went went to the park, we went on the tower and after that we went back into the hall to eat our dinner and we went back on the coach and went back to school❤️

  3. On Friday we went to the tropical butterfly house. First we saw a turtle it was moving very slowly. My favourite part was lemur heights because the baby lemur was on the parents back. At the gift shop I bought a green foam sword and a yellow fuzzy duck. In the butterfly house there was a man who let us feel a python, it felt like a cushion. Then we went to the play park it was HUGE! It had a big slide I loved it, we also played catch me it was fun. Then outside the toilet area was a tennis game on a screen. Then we went to see the birds of prey. My favaroute animal was a lemur.

  4. We played on the park
    And went to the shop
    We saw the animals
    What was there.?
    A pretend skunk that sprayed water at you
    We saw a crocodile
    Meer kats

  5. Last week we went to the amazing tropical butterfly house. We went to see the animals and we saw different types of lemurs, macaws, monkeys and butterflies. We went in the butterfly house and it felt very warm. We went to the park there was lots of stuff to do. We went to fell stuff like, snakes, spider skin and a hissing cockroach.
    We talked about the animals and where they lived and we stroked a snake and held a hissing cockroach. Komal liked the white guinea pig because they were fluffy and one ran in circles.
    Amelia said I liked everything because I love going on school trips and because there was so much to love!

  6. We went to the tropical butterfly house.We saw a giant tortoise it was massive. Then we went to this place were there was lots of butterflies we walked through and met a man. He showed us some animals, he showed us a snake,a spiders skin and a hedgehog sort of thing which is more related to an elephant than a hedgehog but it looks like a hedgehog. My favourite part was when I saw the tortoise

  7. We went to the butterfly house.The First thing we did was unpack then we went to the toilet. First we saw a tortoise and a meerkat. Then we saw 20 lemurs.
    I liked the lemurs because they are cute.
    Then we saw lots of birds. After that we went to lunch.

  8. On Friday we went to the tropical butterfly house for our scool trip. We went on a coach and I sat next to Jake.when we got there the first thing that we did was go to a room where we put our bags.

    The first animal that we sow was a huge tortoise and next to it was a little cage with four tiny tortoises. Across from it was a really sandy place full of meerkcats and two spikey porcupines

    Wile we was carrying on there was a lemer part where there was two types of lemers a red lemer and a normal lemer. Across was a massive bird that was always standing on one leg.

  9. We saw a peacock and chased it Alfie.
    My favourite part of the trip to tropical butterfly house was going to the gift shop and getting a foam sword and an egg which instead of breaking it bounces in different directions it is called a … BOUNCY EGG!!!!!!!

  10. On Friday we went to the butterfly house, we went to see the animals it was fun. cas we saw a bird which was standing on one foot! we had a competition of who could stand on one foot the longest but we lost.Evies favourite part was sliding in to Zak because he was in the way. My favourite part was going to the shop and I owe Mr Bellingham some money because he gave me some when I didn’t have enough

  11. On our trip we went to the shop. We also went on the play park to play on the slide. We had to Watch out for the smelly skunk which pretended to spray us but it was actually water!!

  12. Our trip to the tropical butterfly house

    When we got off the bus we went in. Firstly we went into the disco room to drop our bags off.We put our bags on the stage then walked downstairs and went round to see the animals. Outside we saw different sized turtles, all sorts of birds, guinea pigs, baby chicks ,tiny tadpoles, chipmunks, lemurs, meerkats and otters. Alisha’s favourite animals were the all the owls, chipmunks and when a mummy lemur was carrying a baby lemur on her back. Leah’s favourite animals were the lemurs, guinea pigs, chipmunks, meerkats and otters. Also the cute part was when the mummy lemur was carrying a baby lemur on her back how cute.
    Written by Leah & Alisha

  13. The butterfly house
    on the trip
    Paris was in her mum’s group and ola was in Mr Bellinghams group.First we saw the small meercats , we liked the meercats because they were so so cute. The Tortoises were massive, they were fighting with each other, everybody laughed.

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